How to Read and Reply to an Encrypted Email

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A message that is encrypted by Office 365 Message Encryption is delivered to your inbox just like any other email message. If you have Outlook 2013 or 2016 and an Office 365 email account, you will see an alert about the item’s restricted permissions in the Reading pane. After opening the message, you can view the message just like any other.

Reading an Encrypted Email

Desktop/Browser/Mobile App

If an encrypted email does not open like any other in Outlook or Outlook online, the message will contain a link to view the encrypted message online.

  1. Select the Read the message button.
  2. A webpage will load, login with your UTD email account and password.
  3. You will be presented with a panel that requests confirmation for Microsoft to access your UTD account. Select Accept and you will then see the content of the encrypted email.


If you are using another email client or email account, such as Gmail or Yahoo, you will see a link that lets you either sign in to read the email message or request a one-time passcode to view the message in a web browser.

Desktop/Browser/Mobile App

  1. Select Read the message.
  2. Select Sign in with Google (or other account) and sign in to your email account.
  3. You will be redirected to the email accounts sign-in page. If you get a request for permissions, tap Yes or Allow to view the message.

One-Time Code

Some email clients and services cannot automatically open protected messages. If you have an email account with an on-prem Exchange account or another email provider, you will need to obtain a one-time code to read the message.

Tip: Each passcode expires after 15 minutes. If that happens, or if you cannot open the message for any reason, start over by opening the attachment again and following the steps.

Desktop/Browser/Mobile App

  1. Select Read the message.
  2. In the page that loads, select Sign in with a One-time Passcode.
  3. You will be redirected to a page where you can sign in and receive a one-time code.
  4. Check your email for the one-time code and copy it.
  5. Return the the page, enter the code in your browser, and select Continue to read your message.

Replying to an Encrypted Email

  1. Choose Reply or Reply All.
  2. On the page that appears, type a reply and choose Send. An encrypted copy of your reply message is sent to you.


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Email Encryption allows users to send encrypted emails to people inside or outside the organization. To view encrypted messages, recipients will receive a one-time passcode (guests), or UTD students, staff, and faculty can log in with their UTD credentials.