Troubleshooting Remote Desktop Connections


This article provides troubleshooting steps and resources for users attempting to access a UTD Windows computer via Remote Desktop.

Common Errors

Incorrect Computer Name

Incorrect Computer Name error.

  • Verify the name entered is the full name of the UTD computer.
  • UTD computers are named "UTD" or the department abbreviation, followed by the asset number of the computer (Ex: UTD81905).
  • Verify the fully-qualified domain name of the computer has been entered - just the computer name may not work (Ex:
  • If unable to resolve the issue, please contact the OIT Helpdesk for further assistance.

Computer Unavailable

Computer Unavailable error.

  • This may happen when the computer is powered off or not set up for remote access.
  • Verify the computer is powered on by pinging it.
    • Open a terminal (Command Prompt (cmd) in Windows, Terminal in Unix).
    • Enter the command ping - this is the "address" of the computer.
    • If the computer is not reachable (powered off or disconnected from the network), it will say, Request timed out.
  • If the computer is powered off, someone on the location will need to power it back on.
  • If you are still unable to connect to the computer, please contact the OIT Helpdesk.

Access Denied

Access Denied error.

  • This error will appear if you do not have remote desktop authorization. Please contact the OIT Helpdesk for further assistance.


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