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This article shows a detailed description on how to set up an approved Institutional Review Board (IRB) electronic consent (e-consent) form, using a customized REDCap template.
The Texas Advanced Computer Center (TACC) provides high-performance computing, visualization, data analysis, storage, software, and cloud, gateways & portal interfaces. Create a TACC account by following the instructions here.
This article will help you get started accessing Amazon WorkSpace.
This article shares information on Accessing Optum COVID-19 Data on TACC
This article shows you how to get started and create an ORCID account.
The DMPTool is a web-based application developed to aid researchers write Data Management Plans (DMP) and/or Technology Control Plans (TCP), using funding focused templates. Researchers can save, edit, and share plans as well as request a review of their plan from the Office of Research.
Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is an online tool in the My NCBI platform which allows researchers to create funder specific biosketches.
This article shows you how to upload a poster file to the Open Science Framework (OSF).