Introduction to Annotations in MS Whiteboard


This article contains information on Annotations in Microsoft Whiteboard and covers the content on how to access this feature.

What is Annotations in MS Whiteboard?

  • Annotation in Microsoft Whiteboard helps you collaborate on things like a design or presentation while sharing your screen in a Teams meeting.
  • Everyone in the meeting can begin annotating right away, and collaborative cursors make it easy to view changes made by all participants.

How to Access Annotations

Using Annotation

  • During your meeting, go to the meeting controls in the upper-middle area of your screen. 
  • Click on the Start Annotations icon from the meeting controls panel.

Image highlighting the "Start Annotations" icon in the panel

  • You will now have the option to set the Annotations settings.

Screenshot of the Annotations settings.

  • The red outline around the shared screen will turn blue, and all participants will see the Microsoft Whiteboard tool-set at the top of the shared screen.
  • Everyone in the meeting can begin annotating right away. The red pen tool is selected by default.

Screenshot of the Annotations panel

  • To begin annotating, choose one of the tools in the Whiteboard tool-set, like Sticky notes and start typing or drawing on the screen. 

Screenshot of annotations screen highlighting the sticky notes icon

Annotation Settings

  • Collaborative cursors show the names of every participant in the meeting by default.
  • To turn off, select the Settings icon.
  • Click the toggle next to Collaborative cursors.

Screenshot of the annotations screen highlighting the "settings" and "Collaborative cursors" icons

Turning Off Annotations

  • As the presenter, you can turn off annotation for all participants by selecting Stop annotation in the meeting controls at the upper-middle area of your screen. 

Screenshot of the Meeting controls panel highlighting the "Stop Annotations" Icon


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