How to Enable Surveys in REDCap

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REDCap’s default data collection format is called Data-Entry. This requires both REDCap and project-level access to enter data into a project. Alternatively, surveys can be enabled to collect data from users and/or other participants via a URL-link. This allows for data collection without REDCap and project-level access. 

One benefit of using surveys is that users can utilize the Participant List for emailing the survey link to their participants. This allows REDCap to track who has completed the survey(s). Additionally, if the first data collection instrument in the project is enabled as a survey, then a public survey link may be used, which is a public URL that can be emailed to all participants or even posted on a website.

How to Enable Surveys

To enable Surveys in a REDCap project requires enabling the survey from the Project Setup page and the Online Designer. Follow the steps below to effectively enable surveys in a project:

  1. From the Project Setup Page, click "Enable" next to Use surveys in this project?

  2. The screen will refresh and Use surveys in this project? will turn green.

  3. Then click "Online Designer" under the Design your data collection instruments & enable your surveys header

  4. This screen will display all instruments set up so far for this project. To enable an instrument as a survey, click "Enable" under Enabled as survey

  5. The survey settings page will appear. Users may fill out survey settings now or wait until further in the development stage. Click "Save Changes". For more information on the features found on the Survey Settings page, visit this article: REDCap Survey Setting.
  6. To confirm the first instrument is enabled as a survey, click "Survey Distribution Tools" under Data Collection

  7. Click "Open public Survey" under Link Actions to view the first instrument via a URL-link

  8. A new tab will open with the first instrument as a survey (Note: If this is a new blank build, the survey page may have a general title and no survey questions.)



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