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Form Display Logic (or ‘form-level branching logic') is an advanced feature that provides a way to use conditional logic to disable specific data-entry forms that are displayed on the Record Status Dashboard, Record Home Page, or the form list on the left-hand menu. The forms will still be displayed on the page, but they will be disabled in order to prevent users from accessing them.

This feature is similar to the Survey Queue but is for data-entry forms only, where Survey Queue is for surveys. For more information on the Survey Queue, visit the REDCap Survey Queue article. 

Form Display Logic

How to Set Up the Form Display Logic

  • Create at least two instruments. (This example, there are three instruments)

  • Click “Form Display Logic” on the Online Designer view.

  • Determine if either of the optional settings would benefit this project.
    • Keep forms enabled if they contain data (will only disable empty forms).
    • Enable support for Survey Auto-Continue (When collecting data via survey, any currently hidden forms will be skipped over when the “Auto-continue to next survey” option is utilized).
  • Set Form Display Logic Conditions
    • (1) Select which form(s) you want to show based on the (2) entered logic.

  • If multiple conditions are needed, click on “Add another condition” to add another condition.

  • If a single condition is no longer needed, click on the red “x” to remove one condition.

  • If all conditions are no longer needed, click on “Delete all conditions” to remove all conditions.

  • Once all Form Display Logic changes are made, click “Save” to enable the identified Form Display conditions.


Form Display Example

As participants complete Form 1, if [age]> 25, then Form 3 will show, otherwise Form 3 icon will be grayed out and inaccessible.

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