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Survey Login feature forces survey respondents to authenticate some information/log into the survey(s) before they are allowed to view and complete the survey. Survey login can be enabled on one or more surveys within the project. To login, the respondent will be asked to enter one or more known values of fields in the project (such as last name, date of birth, etc.).

Survey Login 

Survey Login Settings

  • Enable Survey Login? - Enables and disables survey login logic

  • Fields to display on the survey login form - Allows users to select the field(s) participants fill in to login

  • Customizations for Survey login - Users are asked to identify how many fields are required for login, if the logic should be applied to all surveys in the project, and allows users to enter a custom error message if the user is unable to login. 

  • Security settings for survey login (optional) - Users can specify how many times participants can try to log in before are locked out for a specified time. Users can also specify how long participants will be locked out if they don't enter the correct password.

How to Set Up the Form Display Logic

  • Create a project with at least one instrument.
  • Click on “Survey Login” from the “Online Designer” view.

  • Enable Survey Login.

  • Identify which field(s) to display on the survey login form. (Note: In this example we utilize a Date of Birth field)

  • Set customizations for survey login.
    • Minimum number of fields required for login.
    • Apply the survey login to all surveys in project.
    • Customize error message.
  • Set security settings for survey login (optional)
    • Number of failed log-in attempts before respondent is locked out.
    • Amount of time respondent is locked out after failed login attempts.

Survey Login Example

If Survey Login has been enabled and a record does not exist yet for the respondent (e.g., if they are beginning a Public Survey), then the survey page will be displayed normally and the login page will not be displayed for them. However, once the record exists, the respondent will always be prompted to log in to the survey (except for a Public Survey, which is the only place where Survey Login cannot be used).

  • Log in Page

  • Unsuccessful Login Attempt

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