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Survey Queue displays a list of surveys the participant is asked to complete (like a ‘to-do’ list) on a single page. This list also shows the surveys that the participant has already completed. While not required, this feature is best used when the project contains multiple surveys. This feature can be used as an alternative to “Survey Auto-Continue” found in the REDCap Survey Settings article.

This feature is similar to the Form Display Logic but is for surveys only, where Form Display Logic is for data-entry forms. For more information on the Form Display Logic, visit the REDCap Form Display Logic article. 

Survey Queue

Survey Queue Settings

  • Custom Text – Custom text to be displayed at the top of the survey queue.
  • Hidden Survey Queue – This setting will keep the Survey Queue table hidden from the participant and will force Auto Start to be enabled for all queue activated surveys.

How to Set up the Survey Queue

  • Create at least two instruments. (This example, there are three instruments.)
  • Click “Survey Queue” on the Online Designer view.
  • To enable the Survey Queue, click the “Activate” button and enter the display logic for at least one of the instruments. An optional feature, Auto-Start, can be checked or unchecked for each Instrument as well. When enabled, the next instrument immediately starts after the previous instrument is submitted.
    In this example, “Form 2” and “Form 3” are both activated. Form 2 will show if Form 1 is completed. Form 3 will show if Form 1 is completed and the field [age]>25.

Survey Queue Example

After participants complete Form 1, if their responses meet the logic necessary for the survey queue, then they will receive a screen (like the one below) that allows them to start the next survey(s). (Note: Auto-start is not enabled. If it were, form 2 would start after form 1 was submitted and Form 3 would start after Form 2 was submitted):


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