Request VPN Access for Department Sponsored Users


This article outlines the steps to follow to provide guest users access to the GlobalProtect VPN. By default, Staff, Faculty, and Students, including Student Workers, have access to the VPN. Other Department Sponsored Users, such as guests and contractors, require a request to access the VPN. The users sponsor, or another designated user in the department, should generally be the one to submit this request.

Guests without VPN access will receive an error saying, "Matching client config not found".


  1. Navigate to the PaloAlto GlobalProtect VPN service page
  2. Select Request Department Sponsored VPN Access
  3. Fill out Steps 1-3 with the requested information
  4. On Step 4, scroll down, select VPN, and put the users NetID in the box
    • Under the VPN drop-down, you will be told if the user has VPN access or not and provided a link to another page where you can search NetID's to determine if the users are able to access the VPN.


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