NoMachine Troubleshooting

Summary of NoMachine

The Engineering Department's NoMachine infrastructure is a group of computers (servers) that provide a Linux desktop environment for students in an engineering course to utilize. NoMachine is similar to a remote desktop for Windows.

NoMachine Troubleshooting 

Note: Ordered by most likely to resolve the issue, after each bullet point, please reattempt to connect to NoMachine successfully.
  • Authentication Failed
    • To continue this section, your password should only fail during the login to the NoMachine process but works on multiple other UTD resources (Galaxy, VPN, SSH, Domain Windows such as labs, UTD Email, network shares, …). If it is failing everywhere, please change your password.
      • To change your password, visit this site.
      • Expect this to take up to 60 minutes before the password is available to all systems.
  • Your username (NetID) must be all lowercase.
  • Change the protocol from NX to SSH.
    • SSH parses the password differently than the NX protocol.
  • If your password functions everywhere except in NoMachine, your password still might be an issue with the NoMachine Client/servers. Some special characters at the start or end of a password, such as "a" "\" "$" "&" (and possibly more), have a special meaning in Linux and may not be parsed correctly. Change your password to something that does not use your current symbol at the start or end of your password.
    • There have also been instances where the user does not have a symbol in their password, but a password change was still required. We are not sure if there is a NoMachine issue or something else.
    • Password synchronization can take up to 60 minutes to propagate through all the network resources.
    • To change your password, visit this site.
    • You must be enrolled in an engineering course, and it must be during that semester's schedule duration. Intersession (the period between semesters) is not considered part of the semester's course.
    • Passwords must be typed in, like automation or auto-completing the NoMachine client will likely misinterpret the password.


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