OneDrive vs. Sharepoint - URL Structure


How do you tell the difference between a OneDrive link and a SharePoint link? And how to read them?


Here is the main difference between the two links:

  • A SharePoint link will always have /site/ near the beginning of the URL.
    • For example,
  • A OneDrive link will have a near the beginning of its link.
    • For example,


Now that we can tell the difference between the two, here is how to read the URLs:

  • OneDrive links are the easiest to read because they tend to be relatively short.
    • For example, netid)_utdallas_edu/ 
      • This part of the URL tells you whose OneDrive account it is.
  • The end of the URL will tell you the file or folder location.
    • For example,​​ personal%2F{NetID}%5Futdallas%5Fedu%2FDocuments%2FRecordings can be translated to personal/NetID/documents/recordings
  • OneDrive link: netid)_utdallas_edu/_layouts/15/onedrive.aspx?id=%2Fpersonal%2F{NetID}%5Futdallas%5Fedu%2FDocuments%2FRecordings
Note: Stream's default recorded meetings will be stored in the meeting owner's OneDrive. The recordings can be found in a folder named "Recordings". If a different user needs access to a file in OneDrive, the owner will have to provide them access.


Now that we can read a OneDrive URL, lets apply the same to the SharePoint URL:

  • The first half of the SharePoint link shows the site's name.
    For example,
  • The end of the URL is just like the OneDrive URL, where it shows you the file or folder path.
    For example, wid=61dac970%2Dce61%2D4716%2Da94f%2D9096dea43e1b&id=%2Fsites%2FTestteam269%2FShared%20Documents%2FGeneral%2FRecordings  translates to site/testteam269/documents/general/recordings.
  • SharePoint link:
Note: Stream's default meeting recording location for channel meetings will be in Teams' "Recordings" folder. If a user needs access to a file in SharePoint, then the team owner will need to provide them access.


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