How to Use OneNote Effectively (Video training)


OneNote is a digital notebook that you can divide into sections and pages. OneNote lets you highlight important information, draw your thoughts using Ink, integrate audio and video, save content with web clipper, and share them with others. Teachers and staff can now use OneNote to organize lesson plans, create a sharable content library that is easily search-able yet secure.

OneNote Tutorial

good morning and welcome everyone to team's tips today we begin our journey into middle earth as we discover one note to rule them all i know there are many distractions that we are facing in our lives but our goal is to make this session fun and engaging so you can focus this hour on learning and improving and quite frankly we could all use a little magic in our lives go ahead grab your second breakfast as we begin our adventure if this is your first time attending a team's live event know that we cannot see or hear you you are able to interact with us using the live event q a feature it's located in the top right corner of your screen if you have not already i've posted a comment in the chat and ask that you to like it by giving it a thumbs up so that we know that you're able to interact with us your comments are precious to us and we want to hear your comments your feedbacks and interactions so please utilize that chat feature to connect with us we had nearly 160 registered to attend today and are thrilled to have you as allies as we take the first steps in our adventure let's start with the alliances we've already made with the two incredible student workers who are helping to prepare this production for you these companions have worked to develop this event and through the fellowship of the team have prepared today's session meg delight will be behind the scenes back at the shire producing the event and running our video feed and soy has chosen to make this unexpected journey and share her knowledge and use of onenote our fate is in their hands so please join me and warmly welcoming both of them to their first live event our collective goal is to share this technology so that it becomes a hobbit for you if we have not already met i am amanda pritchard and hail from the office of information technology it is my pleasure to serve as the university's microsoft 365 specialist we regularly host trainings on all that the microsoft suite has to offer and today we'll be sharing information on onenote when you registered for the event we polled everyone and asked what their familiarity was with onenote the overwhelming majority stated that they knew enough about to open it but generally didn't have a strong understanding of onenote or what powers it held inside so let me start at the beginning and share a little bit about onenote and what it is just a moment and i'm going to change sharing my screen okay fantastic you should all be able to see um one note that i have open on uh the side screen here one note is a digital notebook it automatically saves and syncs your notes as you're working the main purpose is to help users capture ideas and information in digital formats you can type in your information or you can insert it from other apps and web pages take handwritten notes or you can draw your ideas share notebooks to collaborate with others you think of microsoft onenote as a notebook composed of different sections with each section you can create an unlimited number of pages you can also drag and drop files from your computer or mobile device into onenote save articles and photos directly from the internet organizing them into your onenote as you see fit so hopefully this information is enough to pique your interest so i want to talk a little bit about how you can actually access onenote there are several different ways so i'm going to overview a few now just so you're familiar with the options that you have for opening up this application you should have the first option as being software on your computer which you should be able to find by searching in your toolbar for onenote and you can see that it automatically pulls up now i've got mine pulled up already for you so just so that you can see what it would look like if you're using the actual application on your desktop you'll notice that it looks a little bit differently than what i first showed on the screen so this is the version that's available to you on your desktop because we all use different computers we all have different updates and with everyone working remotely now it's quite possible that your onenote is a is a more dated version or a different version so for today's purposes for our training we will primarily be using the web version just to go ahead and disclaim that because it is the most up-to-date and it's constantly receiving updates so you know that we'll all have the same uniform platform so if you're using onenote at home or on your personal desktop or a different laptop it's quite possible that it will look a little bit differently than what we're showing you and if you haven't already i wanted to also show you that let me see here pushing a few things around let's see you can also use it in teams so it wouldn't be team's tips if we didn't make sure and go back to teams so if you don't already have onenote pinned on your team's account you can search for it by clicking the three dots on the far left side of your team's platform and by searching for onenote since i use it often it's there i went ahead and unpinned it because i want to show you the process for how to pin this so that you can have ready access to use it anytime because i'm sure after today you'll find it as magically as we do so if you go ahead you can select one note you'll see that it appears now on my left bar within teams and you can go ahead and right click on it in order to pin it that's just in case you want it to appear constantly and always be accessible because you can share these notebooks just as if you were passing a notebook in class you can share it with your other teammates and team members to ensure that they're having the same information as you so that's one way that you can access your what onenote in teams the other way was by pulling it up on your computer from your desktop application and then the way that we're primarily going to be demonstrating today to ensure that we have consistency among everyone is by showing it here and you can access that by going to i'll go ahead and have some magdalite post that in the chat if it hasn't already but we'll make sure and have that link posted in case you're not familiar with how to already access it okay so let's see i'm making sure oh i did want to call your attention to one more thing that onenote does operate differently than word or other microsoft products because it's meant to be more of the notebook functionality so it truly can function like a notebook where you can pick up drag and drop and maneuver the items that you have listed into different places you can write over anything that you've already written and and make different notations so it is very dynamic very movable and you can adjust it to meet your needs okay so i know that soy is here and available and i wanted her to come on today and to share a little bit about how we as a team have been utilizing onenote for planning of this session and other teams tips that are coming up so without further ado soy hi everyone my name is soy and i'm a grad student at json as amanda said i'm going to briefly talk to you about how our microsoft team is using onenote and i'm also going to introduce you some great features that we can all benefit as a student and of course as faculty um just to begin with i personally got to know about onenote myself when my friends actually introduced me that i should get myself a microsoft surface laptop and trust me it was just because of onenote that's how great this is and as a student we not only have to write down lecture notes we also have to sometimes draw and i had to draw some math equations as well and let's now actually dive deeper into the functionalities that i just described the first feature that i want to show you right now is you share my screen one second please yes the first feature or the first menu i which is personal favorite of mine is the draw here i wanted to do some fancy drawing but because i knew i couldn't i actually copied and pasted from microsoft website and this is one example of how you can use onenote to draw your features or diagrams and everything that you need and another thing i wish i had known before last semester is the math part i personally struggled a lot writing down equations as my statistics professor was going over too fast and i didn't really want to raise papers printing a bunch of equations and i really wish i had known this feature all you have to do really is create an equation and please bear with me i may be a little slow it is because i'm using my computer mouse but it should be much better if you have those fancy computer pens so yes for example i put this equation i don't know if that mathematically makes sense but let me try that and let's say you want to make it look fancier or more neat all you have to do is square this equation by pressing that right there and click on math and onenote generates a nice equation for you and if you're satisfied that the system read your equation correctly or your handwriting correctly you just have to ink it to math and it is going to generate that fancy equation for you and the great feature let's say your professor starts talking about drawing graph you just go there and make it to graph of course you can also insert this on page and you can also practice with playing some different numbers and onenote also has the options that are different for all types of equations that you put there you are either able to um find some quizzes that's generated by onenote and you are also able to follow their thorough step-by-step equations if you have any question of how the problem was solved that is it for now and now amanda is going to explain to you more about how onenote is being used thank you soy i appreciate you sharing that um i'm gonna go ahead and share my screen perfect excellent um so one of the one of the main reasons that we enjoy and like to use onenote as a team is for the meeting options and the way that you can track meetings meeting attendance and use it kind of as an agenda for yourself so i guess we should start with some of the basics these are called sections they're just like the little divider tabs that you would have in your notebook these are called pages so you can start a main section and have multiple pages within that section to keep tabs on anything that you're working on so i know soy showed a little bit that each one of these sections for us is the upcoming teams tips sessions so we've got a record of all of our events here and ways to go ahead and plan and try to put together a spectacular event for you today so what i was mentioning about the meetings and being able to keep a record of this i know that if you're like me you have a number of meetings every day and it's hard to keep up with what decisions were made what the final conclusions were or what you need to follow up on one of the unique features because this is a microsoft product it does sync with all of the other suites items in the microsoft suite so you can use this to store your meetings for this in particular i'm going to go ahead and jump back to my desktop version of onenote because i have found for sending out the meeting invitation and or not sending out the invitation but sending out the meeting details as a follow-up it seems to work a little bit better when you use it through the desktop application rather than the web version so let's see i'm going to go ahead and show you if you this is a listing of the different meetings some of the different meetings that we've had in preparation and i think this is a really cool feature because you're able to add in if you go to home and you're going to meeting details it's going to pull up all of the meetings that you have and you can just select one and it pulls it up based on the current day however you are able to select meeting details it's going to load for just another second and you can choose from previous days so if you're trying to keep up to date with what meetings you've had or meeting minutes from an academic session or student government or anything to that effect where you're trying to track an agenda who attended and what was decided and this is an easy way to make sure you have those all in one category for yourself so you saw that i was able to just go in there into meeting details select whatever meeting it is that i'm wanting to track and it automatically pops in and you'll notice that it time stamps it with the date and time of the actual meeting as well as who attended so it's a very quick way that you can have a record without having to do something like a roll call or run an attendance roster okay so if you're wanting to um take notes you're able to do that within your meeting oh i can't stop that maybe that was elfish okay so if you're wanting to take notes within your meeting you're able to do so within the notes section and then as a follow-up you can send this meeting and description and all of your notes and details to those that participated in it so in order to do that you would go to file and to share and you're able to share it with individual people so it comes up and it will appear to them like an email so i'm going to go ahead and share if poolen's on here excellent so i can go ahead and share it with poolen and it will send him an email with the details of the meeting as well as any of my meeting notes so it's a quick and easy way after you've had a meeting to gather up those details and send it out you can also send it to all of the participants so if you're wanting to share it with the meeting you can share it with whoever participated in that meeting if you're needing to collaborate that's one of the greatest benefits um that i can see within all of the microsoft products is that you are able to collaborate with a large group of people so easily i'm glancing briefly and just to make sure my um i'm just checking here for any questions peggy you um you wrote in who was invited i'm not sure if you had a question or clarification on that but if you want to give me a little more details i'll try to help answer that um but anyway so you're able to share this with individuals and be able to track meeting attendance so it's a nice fun way to make sure that people are engaged okay the other thing i wanted to show you was our tags so let me remember where this is tackling teams is our next event that's coming up so we've already busily prepared um for that so let's see tackling teams and under our marketing page you can keep notes on anything i know soy showed the ability even to do math equations to do some basic drawings you can embed photos media whatever it is that you're trying to present to individuals it's available here so i'm going to give you a little glimpse into kind of our checklist for one of our upcoming sessions so that you can see what we've been doing and how you can tag information and make it into a checklist i'm a big checklist person so anytime i get to check a little box it makes me very happy so you can see we've divided this up into a calendar of things that we've been doing for our upcoming teams orientation on january 19th so we've started our communications we were able to go ahead and add in some to do items you can also within tagging in in onenote you're able to identify if something is of critical need or critical use by changing the different tags so i'm going to show you real quickly from the home button this is the tag functionality i'll go ahead and open it up so you can see at a glance dropping down these are the number of things that you can put in front of your text or in front of your agenda whatever it is that you're needing to to document and it will present a little icon for you in front of the area that you select mine's the web version you can always tell when it's thinking by the little arrows that go round and round so it's thinking up there whenever it's loading and whenever your document is saved you can see that the check box is there um but anytime you're wanting to add in a tag you're able to select it from the box here and you can identify what it is that you're wanting to communicate with your team whether you have a wonderful idea of something to do or if you have perhaps somebody that you know needs to make a call you can also include their phone number there if you're trying to relay that information to your team this is just kind of a quick way considering it's putting a little stamp next to your to-do list of what you're wanting to accomplish so it's a quick way to draw attention to important details on your on your checklist or within your meeting minutes as well there's a number of different tag options and ideas so i do recommend going ahead and looking through it's a really easy way to communicate and categorize to your team what actions need to be taken and in what priority so if you are somebody that's managing or delegating tasks you can quickly select a tag and ensure that your team has the information that they need okay i'm checking i don't see any questions so far okay great all right if you have attended any trainings with me then you know i have a love for microsoft forms and because onenote is a microsoft product you are able to embed other microsoft products so i'm going to go back to our onenote and just show you here how we have been able to see if it'll pull up where you can see it oh it's not going to load for me today um i don't know why uh probably just because this is a live event and things happen right so typically what should be appearing which perhaps it's not because this is the form to register for today and i think it expired just before we got on um so this is our form for registration today but typically it will show you and be able to have that form embedded in your onenote so if you are working with a large group or um wanting to share information get registrations uh have them submit feedback they are able to do that within onenote so you could send it out rather than sending them the link to the actual form you could embed it within uh one note in order for it to display to other individuals let's see here so i'm trying to think do we have another oh let's see if this registration will open well i don't know what's going on with our forms today but typically and every other time that we practice this it pulls up the form embedded into um the onenote so you're able to have access to that and make those edits maybe it's because i'm not logged in that could be it so i'm not logged into forms yet so i'll check on that and try to get that um working for us in just a moment the other thing that i had on my checklist here that i wanted to show you and something that's near and dear to my heart that i know that we don't always remember to take into consideration but are the accessibility features that are available within onenote and within microsoft products that you're able to utilize so i'm going to pull open a different page here and pull open so these accessibility features ensure that anybody with language differences learning differences visual or hearing differences are able to still access the information that we're providing so if you've never used immersive reader this may be a little bit of a treat for you today it's a slightly different way to be able to view the information that's on the page so if you go into view into immersive reader immersive reader is available on all of microsoft products it does save your preference but it just makes it a more streamlined easy to read and easy to view feature so you can see here it's pulled up the agenda i'm going to go back and just toggle back and forth real quickly but this is the agenda that we have written out and our golden star that we gave ourselves so it pulls up all of that content for you you can go into the text preferences and change the sizing depending on what your needs are visually you can also modify the spacing between the letters to make it easier to read there's additional font choices so you can select what makes it easier for you to see as well as theme preferences so that if if you have color blindness or just issues with the the brightness or darkness of a screen you can adjust it there to make it easier the great thing about immersive reader is because you're signed into microsoft and because we we have accounts with microsoft is that it saves your preferences so once you as an individual have them set it will save it for you and that way anytime you go into a word or powerpoint you know publisher anything that you're trying to do it's going to go ahead and have that available for you in addition it can show you the parts of speech that are available so that's a kind of a fun little cheat especially if you're learning a foreign language that can be very helpful to you um and it can even translate into a number of languages elfish is not on there i did check sorry but you can translate it into a number of different languages so if you are english as a second language and you just want to assure that you're you're reading the course instructions correctly or that you're finding the meeting details as you absolutely need them you can have it go ahead and translate that for you okay so i just think that's a really fun feature in addition and i don't know if i have my sound on soy can you give me a thumbs up if if it's being heard so in addition it will read it to you so that you're able to hear um if if you are having difficulties seeing what's on the screen it can read it to you so this is a great feature um for individuals to be able to see and to use that let's move ahead here um also if this is just a little bit cumbersome i've seen a couple of questions and comments come in just about the the viewing of all of the pages and sections and it takes up a lot of your space if you need to just be able to focus on reading a particular section you're able to go to the reading view and it's going to move those sections over a little bit for you it does prevent you from making edits when you're in reading view because it is just intended for you to be scanning and reading that content we'll go back into the edit and let's see here another thing because you have so many people collaborating on a file and so many hands on a product at once that it's quite possible that you want to know who made what edits so that you can follow up in case there's a question or a concern so in order to do that you can select any one of these options here any page that you're trying to review and if we right click it you're able to show the versions on there by showing the versions it's going to give you an at a glance look as to who made edits and on what date so you can see we've been busily preparing and making changes to our agenda to ensure that it flows as best as possible for you all but this is a great way when you are working with a team say you're working on a proposal or a large document you're able to see exactly who made what changes and to be able to track those because this is a live feature as soon as you make an edit into onenote it's going to sync that so that you can review that anywhere on any browser so everyone in your team will automatically get your edit there's not a delay or having to wait for them to be able to see that so let's see i'm going to try to find a blank page it's gonna fight me here sorry looking for it oh the other place that you can find it was already right in front of me the other place that you can find um the different page versions is up on top under view as well as the show authors so you can check at a glance let's go back up here and it's going to pull it over to that far right side so if you have a lot of other options over here or other notes it's a little bit challenging to see that you're able to see the different authors and the different page versions of how many times somebody has worked on a page the other feature that's very simple to use that can be incredibly beneficial for accessibility's sake is the option to check accessibility so i'm on a different page right now and going ahead and clicking the check accessibility microsoft will do an automatic run for you and pull through all of the copy and all of the content on any of your pages that you select to ensure that it is accessibility friendly so that if anybody did you need to use the immersive reader or did need to read alternate text that that appears and is available for them so let's see here and soy i think we're about at the point where we're ready to do um some of our drawings and i did want to mention to the audience today i didn't i neglected to do so at the opening but we do have a couple of special treats uh for y'all at the very end of today's session we'll be doing some giveaways and i think that um soy if you want to go ahead and take over your uh sharing of the screen so that we can uh start with the drawing portion i'll stop sharing here for just a second so that you can get that screen pulled up but we wanted to take a moment and show with you too how you can make this one note engaging if you're in the middle of a class and you wanted to draw something out or share some details with an individual so soy did you want to go ahead and begin yes so the first charades my awesome drawing is for a medium price or medium-sized price so let's see who guesses this right so audience if you didn't hear and didn't understand that we're we're doing it we can hear you i just wanna make sure they understand um because there's a chance to win a prize this is a big deal so if you're at home listening get ready have that live event q a box up start submitting your guesses as to what soy is drawing i'm looking in the notes to see if anybody has any guesses that is my final product this is the best i can do [Laughter] okay we have a guest for tmok and another guest for tmok somebody guessed crown crown t-bock t-mock crown a crown hold on give him a second give him a second somebody said king king do you want to give us a little bit of some hint maybe [Music] this is going to be my hint okay y'all hold on let her get some details here oh he's really on fire now are you sure it's not tmock somebody said burger king t-monk the one true king no soy it is teamwork guys yes yes fantastic okay so we're gonna go through we've got a lot of you i love i'm reading all of your comments i'm absolutely adoring it king t-mock oh nice so we're going to go through and the first few that were able to submit that and guess correctly will they said trump oh dear gollum um okay great so that was our first charade i think do we have time for one more story just to show how engaging this can be within the classroom yes this is going to be a large price a large size price okay y'all need to be a little difficult draw slow so that they can actually i want to i want to make them work for it here i'm going to make some details so i'm going to make a thinner and while she's drawing that i'm just going to answer a couple of questions that came in um about the pages and the sections you are able to drag and drop all of those pages and sections um so if you have one in one area and you want to move it you are able to maneuver that and change it up as as you see fit it is highly maneuverable oh y'all i hope i'm go slip go slow soy we don't have any guesses yet go slow not yet okay you got to give them a second to catch up so give them just a second here we're going to let it sit and [Laughter] let it sit for just a second and fester and let's see what they get the drawing is scaring me actually [Laughter] okay we've got oh boy we're getting we're getting them now we're getting okay we've got dumbo gollum gollum yoda a golem gollum oh legolas oh my kinfolk um elf goblin my precious beagle okay somebody said it looks like me it kind of does i think it's the hair that's great you should say the answer because we've got over 50 submissions right now what okay it is thank you for guessing that right we also got a vote for biden y'all are being a little bit too political now that's that's hilarious i love it you guys thank you for playing so we will be in contact with you um to to talk to you about how you can actually receive those prizes and soy i'm going to take over sharing my screen again because i wanted to show one more thing before i pass it back to you um just furthering on on our accessibility so we will we will have another drawing and more giveaways at the end of our session but i know we're we're wrapping up at the end here in just a few minutes so i'm going to show you just a few more things that i thought were absolutely fantastic that helped me today personally so if you are one that is better at talking than you are at typing maybe you do it a little bit more quickly i wanted to go ahead and show you from the home screen you can select on the far right comma the dictate button period and you're able to transcribe live dictation comma so that you can have all of your notes taken for you period you don't have to type a thing period please let me know if you think this is a brilliant feature period because i love it exclamation point so if you have never used that the dictate button is just over on the far right under home but it is a nice and easy way for you to be able to take notes meeting minutes to be able to transcribe anything that you're you're trying to have a reminder of but it's a it's a quick and easy way um to be able to designate this you just have to say comma or period but if you're used to voice to text um then you'll be a pro at this i assure you okay the way i'm going to check our agenda because i believe i get to turn it back to you um to talk a little bit about my favorite thing also is how do you personalize your onenote how do you make it feel like you tell me all about the colors because i like shiny things yes thank you for that amanda and i believe my screen is being shared yes before i dive deeper i just wanted to show that this is how microsoft forms actually looks like on your onenote i think amanda's screen was having some issue i don't know why but this is how it should look like so thank you for sharing that that's that's better yes um amanda just talked about personalizing your notes and if you're a person like me or amanda and you love to personalize your notes and organize better you can always add different sections of course and also add pages but i personally like to color code its section because it helps you organize your priorities and if you're a student you can also have the caller buy classes all you have to do is really click on your right button and choose your favorite color and the second thing i wanted to share is if you go to page and let's say you have a chapter and you have many sub chapters under that chapter all you have to do is click on the right button and make it a sub page and it is going to shift to the right like this did you see that little change yes and another thing let's say you are working with your group members or team members and you wanted to show them that this page is no longer used but at the same time you don't really want to delete it but just have it i guess avoid page you can go to view and change the color of the entire page and just have a red just to show your group members that it is a void page yes and this is a great way to organize your notes because you don't have to exchange millions of emails between team members or group members all you have to do is really give them sign that the caller quotes are there and different sub pages are there so this is an easy way to organize and also collaborate at the same time maybe one second and yes and now that you have the coolest features amanda talked about i want to talk about the last few features that we wanted to share with you today which is my i guess personal favorite is inserting a video and it's taking a little long and yes that is a random video that i played around to test for this event oh yeah fortunately it wasn't lord of the rings themed we missed the mark on that toy yes yes we did but yes i actually had to watch it like three times last night to practice my speech but it was good um anyways so all you have to do really is copy the url of a video from a legitimate website such as youtube and once you paste it on your onenote this system this onenote system is going to automatically convert that url into an actual title of the video as you can see here and also create a thumbnail for you the best part of this is you don't have to open another browser to play the video it saves your wifi speed and everything all you have to do is really play it i believe this is a great feature especially for this season today during the pandemic many people rely on lecture slides or video recordings and for educational purpose and also for entertainment purpose and this is a very simple way to really share that knowledge with many people the next thing i want to share with you is inserting an audio all you have to do is really go to oh it's because i am still in the drawing mode all you have to do is go to insert and you can see that there is an audio it is supposed to work give me one okay audio once you click on that i am being recorded right now and it is generating a record a final voice this is a great feature if you're a person like me and love to go back to your professor's lecture videos because many times professors mention important points that are not necessarily displayed on their lecture slides so you can always go back to this audio recording of your professor or classes and if you also work in a big team you can basically record everyone's meeting and you can listen to it later to create meeting minutes on your own and now i'm going to stop because it is being recorded and the final product is going to show i'm just going to briefly show you how the final icon is supposed to look like and that is it you can play it later you can pause it later and you can do that so that is it i believe i wanted to share with you please give me one second i have my cheat sheet right here and sorry i was going to ask you to if you don't mind showing them just how you move um the pages like if you wanted to move um the video page up a little bit closer like if you could just maneuver a few around so that people can see that because we've gotten that question a lot i see okay thank you so that is a great question all you have to do is for example let's say you want to put this video example enter under this introductory video you just press it and drag it up there and you are able to maneuver your pages very easy and simple and it is a quick way to organize your sub pages did i answer your question yes that's perfect i just wanted people to see that you're not stuck on one way that you can maneuver anything and change this so it's not just i know that we're demonstrating today primarily the web version but if you have it at home you're still going to be able to uh use a lot of these features so soy were were you finished i'm going to go ahead and share my screen i didn't want to cut you off i just have one last feature that i wanted to share with everyone so all you need for this feature is really this tab button tab on the left side of your keyboard if you're a person like me who loves to use tables or spreadsheets just to organize your budgets or even organize your own thoughts all you have to do is type something there and press tab and it is going to create a cell for you and you can do that for your classes and if you want to make it into row you can just press enter and you are not able to type more something like that and i personally really like this feature because i love to organize everything into a table to make things more smooth and neat and this is a quick way to create a table and before i have everything back to amanda i just wanted to mention very quickly that there is this magnificent glass just like any other ms products you can go there and search for anything that you want to see because sometimes as you can see our planning notebook has bunch of information and subpages and you have no idea which team member actually posted which information so this is a very useful feature that you can also use to maneuver your notes and that is it and now i am i had i had one more question soy um katrina loves the audio recordings and we had quite a few people comment on how amazing that is to be able to do that especially if you're trying to share that with students do you happen to know because i i do not so if you don't know it's okay when you have made that audio recording are you able to open it up and edit that within onenote or would you need to use something else or re-record i don't think you it's okay yes i don't know either for sure but to my best knowledge all you can do is really um either play or pause it or replay it but perfect let's see yes oh and now that you ask that question the best thing about onenote is really you can save anything i see that for example in word document or excel you're not able to really save the image or video or any recording you will have to open onenote copy and paste it onto onenote and then you can save it so that it saves as an actual file i don't know if that makes sense so that is also a great feature one note two so with this audio recording you can easily save it off one note and then edit it later hope that helped yes fantastic that's absolutely wonderful so i'm going to go ahead and share my screen to show a couple of things that i know also came up that we had a few questions about megalite are you able to send me live as well aren't these students amazing y'all i've been so impressed with their knowledge and their willingness to to share all of this information today so i hope you um are as well i think the students are at ut dallas for the are the best and the brightest that can be around um uh we had a couple of questions and comments about the just the different versions are some of these features also available on the desktop version so i just really quickly pulled up my desktop version so you can see you can draw you're able to it's oh there it goes you're able to insert pictures so there's a little sneak peek of some of the giveaways that we have for you today um but you are able to do a lot of these features the main differences is really the the visual layout of what it looks like um but you are able to still do the majority of the things if not exactly the same very similar the desktop version has a lot more colors so if you're into drawing or using a lot more color features and a little bit more different sizing for for drawing and that sort of thing but you are able to do the majority of the same things um within this version and you can see here is the recording audio and some of the features the the pictures of things that we have demonstrated today okay well with that i'm looking oh i've got a couple other comments that say students are the experts and i completely agree i have been so impressed so i'm going to go ahead and i know we're running short on time but i feel like there's a couple of things that we still want to cover just coming up so we realized we covered a lot of content in today's session and it's quite likely that you have additional questions or may come up forgetting or needing additional assistance with some of the content that we provided today so to better assist you and to allow for more interaction we're going to be offering multiple office hours during the last uh week of january and so i'm going to go ahead and show that to you in in just a moment but before i do i want to make mention of some of our additional events that we have coming up you've heard me mention it i know you saw in our onenote that we've got tackling teams or the teams orientation on january 19th we already have about 350 individuals registered for that event it's going to be covering anything new that has released in teams since the break as well as just the basic features and functionality so i know that all of us kind of got thrown into the world of teams and it might be something that you would like additional assistance with or just want a refresher to ensure that you're using it to its maximum capabilities and that it's providing the best benefits for you so that session is on january 19th we're also hosting a power up on power up your powerpoint showing things like powerpoint live the different checkers and features they have different automated ways to make slides in there so it takes away all of the design it has a built-in designer for you and then the final one i want to draw your attention to is just the master meetings for anybody that's struggled with to knowing how to accurately and adequately host a meeting ensure people are muted or have the right permissions we're going to be going over that so we'll go ahead and post a link the link that's posted here in the chat for you as well okay so the office hours that i gave you a little bit of information are are just uh are listed here they're gonna be the last week of january and we're still i'm sending to the link now we're still finalizing setting those up but you're able to book an appointment with us and come meet in a small group a session with a microsoft specialist and be able to review any questions that you have or even if it's just you just want to come and listen and hear what other questions people may have that's your opportunity just to come and learn and we're going to cap that around 30 to 35 individuals so we're offering them at two time periods identical office hours so you can just pick one but if you would like to participate know that and we'll email this down as well but know that that's available for you to to kind of go over anything that you may not have been clear about today i had several people ask if there's going to be a recording of their session today there will be and if you're wanting to catch up on any of our previous sessions please note all have been recorded and they're all available on youtube we've been doing this since i believe may or june of last year and have a number of videos and training sessions that are available to you so from using breakout rooms to creating a bookings calendar to best practices within a team's live event such as this event so feel free to take a look and see if any of that material is of interest to you so i know i promised you that we'd be offering um another giveaway so we're going to go ahead and do that now because you've all been so patient and such good stewards so let me make sure i have to make sure i did my sound for this so let me reshare my screen real quickly because it's even better with sound okay so if you registered for today's event your name has been put into the spinner and we'll go ahead and click and see um who's going to be able to get a little bit of a prize ike uduma congratulations on your prize i'm so excited for you so we'll go ahead and close out of that and we'll i think we've got time for just a few more i know there's people that have to leave but we'll we've got three minutes so we've got a few more prizes to give away awesome hashtag congratulations so you are our second winner i'll go ahead and close out of that and we'll do one more real quick before we finalize our session today my screen seems to be showing a little bit slowly here micah armstrong won micah i hope you're watching um we'll make sure that you all get your prizes sent your way i had a little bit of a delay there on our video feed okay so finally we work very hard to produce these sessions for you and we want it to be something that's beneficial to you i need to ask one thing of you if you're still here if you'll please go ahead grab your phone pick it up you're able to go ahead and open up your camera and hover over this qr code it's going to open up in a website for you so the qr code is the black square that you see on your screen we will also post a link in the chat now so if you don't have your phone handy or aren't familiar with qr codes you're able to pull it up in the chat as well this qr code or the link will prompt you to complete a survey i believe it's only four or five questions it's very short but it's going to help us assess how we've done and ensure that we can continue to improve to meet your needs if you please take just a few moments to be able to answer the questions we have so that we can better prepare our future sessions okay the hour is later than you think it's time for us to conclude our session and we have one final video clip to send you on your way as you're working on completing that survey but before i show that i want to express my gratitude for you all attending and to remind you that the office of information technology is here to help should you ever need assistance do not hesitate to reach out using either our online chat feature that's on our website or you can email us at assist adventures never truly have an end someone always has to carry on the story thank you for being a part of our story today and joining us on today's adventure you are awesome.


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