Enabling LinkedIn Integration in Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Teams)


This article shows you how to link your LinkedIn account to your UT Dallas Microsoft 365 account specifically within Outlook and Teams.

  • For privacy considerations for linking your LinkedIn account to your UTD M365 account, view Microsoft's privacy FAQ for this integration.
  • For instructions on how to unlink your accounts, click here.

Video Tutorial



  1. Go to Outlook Web Version
  2. Open your desired profile card by clicking on the name of the user through an email sent. 
  3. Select the LinkedIn tab > Sign in now.

This image shows the section on the profile page where the user has to sign in

  1. Select Continue to LinkedIn.

The image asks the user for consent to connect to Linkedln

  1. It will prompt you to sign into your LinkedIn account. Select Accept to connect your LinkedIn account with your M365 account.

The image shows the option where the user needs to consent linking their Linkedln Account with Microsoft

  1. At this point you can either select Accept to allow your Microsoft work account to share data with LinkedIn or select Not now if you don't want to allow your M365 account to share data with LinkedIn.
    • You can find out more about these options here.

The image shows the option where the user needs to give consent to Microsoft to share data with Linkedln

  1. Then select Got it/OK.

Verifying Integration

  1. Log into Microsoft Teams using the same credentials as your Outlook account.
  2. Open a one-on-one chat with yourself or with any other user.
    • You can do so by searching for yourself or for any specific user in the search bar. In the chat, go to More > Linkedln as highlighted below.

This image shows where the Linkedln option is visible in Teams Chat

  1. You should see the LinkedIn profile open up automatically. 
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