Best Practices for Power Automate


This article will provide some valuable best practice suggestions to ensure zero loss of data or information from the date of joining till the last date of employment. Therefore, please follow the below instructions for a few applications imperative to our team’s performance.

Note: The processes mentioned are for a Windows Computer / PC. For additional information, read KA 625.

Power Automate

Power Automate – an online tool to save valuable time and avoid repetitive, mundane daily tasks. It helps you streamline, connect two applications, and set a flow to recurring tasks on schedule. At UTD, we recommend adding at least one other team member.

Share administrator access

  • Navigate to and sign in with your UTD credentials (Net ID and password).
  • Open Power Automate.
  • Navigate to My Flows.

Screenshot of the Power Automate homepage highlighting the My flows option

  • Select the Flow whose ownership you want to share.

Screenshot of the Flows page in power automate

  • Once you select the flow, choose Share (see the share icon in various places on the screen as shown below).
    • Click on any one of the Share buttons.

Screenshot of the Flows page in power automate highlighting the Share button

  • Add the people or groups you want to share administrator access with under the Add a user or group as owner tab.

Screenshot of the sharing options to add users

  • Once you add the name, the following message will pop up. Click OK.

Screenshot of the page after the user has been added highlighting the Ok button

  • Once you click OK, you will be able to see the email ID of the user or group you have included as "Owner"s (highlighted below).
    • You can add more users or groups by repeating the steps.

Screenshot to add owners after a user has been added

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