How to Find Your UTD Computer Name / Property and Asset Number


Use this guide to find and identify UTD Asset numbers. You can find your Asset # by looking for the silver or red tag on your computer or by finding your computer name.

Asset Information

All tangible inventory items must have a UT Dallas property Asset # barcode label affixed. Here are some examples:

  • Current Orange UTD Property tag # will be five digits.

Property of University of Texas at Dallas Barcode.

  • New Silver UTD Asset # will be six numerical digits.

University of Texas at Dallas Asset Barcode.

Finding Your Computer Name

UTD Computer names will be the same as their asset number. Instructions for how to find the computer name are below.

Windows 10

  • Select Start > Settings > System > About and computer name is displayed by "Device name".
  • OR select Start, type About your PC, and the computer name is displayed by "Device Name."

About window showing the details of the UTD device including device name.

Macintosh OSX or Later Versions

  • Go to System Preferences > Sharing and the computer name is displayed in the "Computer Name" field below.

Window showing the computer name in Mac.



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