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This article provides answers to a list of frequently asked questions regarding Microsoft Forms.


What Can I Use Microsoft Forms For?

  • Microsoft Forms is a simple, lightweight app. Some things you can easily create include:
    • Surveys
    • Quizzes
    • Polls
    • Forms to collect feedback
    • Plan class and staff activities
    • And much more!

What Is the Limit on the Number of Forms That Can Be Created?

  • You can create up to 200 forms with up

How Many Responses Can a Form Receive?

  • Each form can receive up to 50,000 responses.
  • If you require more responses, we recommend exporting existing responses to an Excel spreadsheet and then clearing old responses from your survey or quiz. After completing these steps, then you can collect even more responses.

Which Web Browsers Does Microsoft Forms Work With?

  • Microsoft Forms is optimized for:
    • Edge
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome on Android
    • Safari on iOS

In What Languages Are Microsoft Forms Available?

What Is the Difference Between Quizzes and Forms?

  • Quizzes allow you to add correct answers for each question, and it will keep track of how many questions the user answers correctly. You may add several answer choices.
  • Forms do not allow scorekeeping, but you may have questions such as:
    • "Choice" (ex: multiple choice)
    • "Text"  (ex: free response, short answer, long answer, etc.)
    • "Rating" (ex: rate on a scale from 1-10)
    • "Date" - (user manually enter date)
Reference KA 1064 for more information.

Can People Edit and Resubmit Their Responses?

  • Yes. After you submit your responses in the Form, you will be prompted with an option “Save my Response”. The Form will then be accessible to review and/or edit. 

Can Microsoft Forms Be Used With a Team?

  • Yes, Microsoft Forms can be integrated with MS Teams. Please refer to the KA:1063 for information on this.

Can I Customize the Look of Microsoft Forms?

  • Yes, you can customize the form created to match your reference. Please refer to KA:1062 for information on this.

Can We Share Forms with People Outside of UTD?

  • Yes, you can share the forms with people outside of UTD as long you change the permission settings on the form.

Can External Responders Upload Files to Microsoft Forms?

  • No, it is not possible for external responders to upload a file.

Can We Copy Forms from Machforms to MS Forms?

  • No. Machforms and MS Forms run on two different softwares.

Can Forms Be Used to Process Payments?

  • No, forms are unable to process payments.
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