How to Create a Form Using MS Forms

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This article walks users through the steps needed to create a Form using MS Forms.


  1. Go to Office.
  2. Navigate to the left side menu and select Apps.

Screenshot of the Microsoft Office homepage highlighting the Apps icon

  1. Click on All Apps.

Screenshot of Application page in Microsoft Office highlighting All Apps button

  1. Select Forms.

Image of all M365 apps highlighting Forms application

  1. Click on the drop-down next to "New Quiz" and select New Form.

Screenshot of Forms homepage highlighting the "New Form" button

  1. You can now add a Title and Description to your form.

Screenshot of New Form highlighting the Title and Description part

Note: Form titles can have up to 90 characters. Descriptions can have up to 1,000 characters. Also, your form is saved automatically while you create it.
  1. To add questions, click on the Add New button.

Screenshot of the Add New button in the New Form

  1. You can now select the type of question from the options Choice, Text, Rating, or Date question.

Screenshot of the New Form highlighting the question types

  1. Select More question types icon for Ranking, Likert, File upload, or Net Promoter Score® question types.

Image of the New Form highlighting the all the More Question Types

Note: If you delete a question, it will be permanently deleted along with any response data that's been collected for it.
  1. Select Preview icon in the upper panel to see how your form will look.

Screenshot of the New Form page highlighting the Preview icon in the top panel

  1. To test out your form, answer the questions in Preview mode, and select Submit once compelted.
  2. To keep editing your form, select Back.

Screenshot of the previewed form highlighting the "Back" button in the top panel


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