How to Check Responses on Microsoft Forms


Note: Anyone with an active UTD Net ID can access, create, and distribute Microsoft Forms via
  • Log in to Office using your UTD credentials.
  • Click on the form you created.
  • Click the Responses button towards the left of screen.

  • The “Responses” page will display your collected responses. Automatically, Forms will generate simple data visualizations to provide you with a preview of overall responses.
    • You will also have options to view your responses further.

  • View Results: Allows you to view one response at a time. Here, you can toggle between each response and have the option to “delete” or “print” the response.

  • View Details: Provides a summary of all your responses in a pop-up without opening a new window.

  • Open in Excel: Opens a new tab in Excel online to view all your Form responses in a table format, including the ID, Start time, Completion time, UTD Email, Name, and Response.

  • More Options Icon (···): This option controls or distributes a synopsis of the Form responses: Delete all responses, Print summary, Share a summary link, or Sync all responses to a new workbook (Excel).


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