Request a New Sympa Mailing List

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Sympa is a mailing list management tool that enables a group of subscribers to receive all messages sent to the list. Please follow the instructions on the article to request a new list.

Create a New Sympa List

Note: The screen will say email address, but you should only enter your NetID.
  • Select ()Create List.

Sympa Home Page.

  • Enter/select the required information as follows:
  1. List Name: The name of your list. This will also serve as the address.
  2. List Type: This governs the properties of the list, who can see it, and how users are added.
  3. Subject: This is a broad description of your list. 
  4. Audience: The general target audience of the mailing list.
  5. Description: A comprehensive description of the purpose and goal of your list. This information will be included in emails sent to users once they are subscribed.
  • Click on Submit your creation request.

Create list form.



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