Manage Mailbox Delegates in Outlook (Web)

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 This article provides instructions to manage mailbox delegates on Outlook Web. 


  1. Log in at Outlook using your UTD credentials.
  2. Right-click on the folder you would like to grant access to and select Permissions.
  • If you would like delegates to have access to all of your folders, right-click on the Folders drop-down at the top.

Folders pane of the Outlook webmail with a folder right-clicked to display a menu with Permissions tab.

  1. Select the Plus Sign Icon (+) on the top left, and search for the delegate you would like to add. Select Add to include the delegates.

Add permissions dialog box with field to enter the email address of the person you want to give permission to the folder.

  1. After adding delegates, you will be able to choose several predefined permissions settings in the drop-down menu, or you can manually configure their access.

Permissions window for the selected folder with various persmission levels including read, write, delete access and other.

  1. Once you have set the access, select OK.


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