How to Search Knowledge in Atlas

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Video Training

Below is a recording of a live training OIT conducted on utilizing the Atlas service catalog and knowledge base. Click here to skip to the section explaining how to utilise the knowledge base.

Finding Articles

  • Navigate to Atlas.
  • Sign in by clicking Sign in located at the top-right of the page, to the right of the search bar.
    • On a mobile device, you can sign in by tapping the Menu icon next to the words "Atlas Portal" in the page header and then tapping Sign In.
Note: You can view most knowledge articles without signing into Atlas. However, for some articles with restricted viewing rights, you need to sign in for them to appear in your search results.

Best Method: Searching for Articles

At the top-right of any page on Atlas there is a search bar. For example, if you have a question about CometNet, type in “CometNet” in the search bar and click the Search icon.

Often it will auto-complete your query before you finish typing. In the auto-complete menu, the entries with a Light bulb icon are Knowledge Articles. Entries with a Compass are Services. If it does not auto-complete, just press Enter to see all the results.

  • You can learn more about Knowledge Articles and Services in our article on Submitting Tickets in Atlas. Many Service pages contain a list of relevant articles, so they are a good place to check if you cannot find the article you are looking for.

Atlas Search Bar  with search results displayed.

Alternate Method: Browsing for Articles

If you cannot find your article via search or if you want to see all our articles on a particular topic, the alternate way to find articles is by browsing through the knowledge base’s categories.

  • From any page on Atlas, you can access the top-level knowledge base categories by clicking the Knowledge Base link in the gray navigation bar at the top of the page.

Atlas Service Portal Navigation Bar.

The knowledge base is organized hierarchically with three levels, just like the service catalog.

  • Example: If you are looking for all our articles about CometNet, you would open the top-level categories page as described above and then navigate to Network Connectivity > Campus Wireless Network > CometNet Wi-Fi.

Leaving Feedback

We are constantly improving our knowledge base to serve the campus community better. We would love for you to provide feedback or propose improvements to our knowledge articles.

  • At the bottom of every article, you have the option to tell us whether you found the article helpful.
    • If you click either Yes or No, a text box will appear for you to (optionally) leave any comments you have.
    • Comments left on articles are not public. Your feedback will be sent directly to the internal team that owns the article.
    • Depending on your feedback, someone may reach out to you via email for clarification.

Feedback Question.

Leaving positive feedback is important too! If you thought one of our articles did an outstanding job answering your question, we would be happy to know.

Note: Please use the Not Helpful option to only propose improvements to the article.

If you need help or have a question, please submit a ticket instead of submitting article feedback.
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