How to Submit a Ticket in Atlas

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This article is a guide on how to submit a ticket in Atlas. This guide will define basic terminology, explain how to navigate the service catalog, and give tips for filling out the ticket submission form.

If you have already submitted a ticket and would like a guide for checking its status and communicating with the technician team, see our guide on managing and replying to Atlas tickets.

Video on Opening a Ticket

Below is a recording of a live training OIT conducted on utilizing the Atlas service catalog and knowledge base.


Step 1

If you have not already, you must sign in to Atlas by clicking the Sign In link at the top-right of the page next to the search bar.

On a mobile device, you can sign in by tapping the menu icon next to the words Atlas Portal in the page header and then Sign In.

Step 2

When you are ready to submit a ticket, you will need to find the correct service. A service is something we support or offer. It could be an application, a specific server, a type of consultation we provide, or various other things.

To give you a better idea of what a service is, here is the service for some common questions:

Notice that the service is typically the noun that your request relates to.

Searching for a Service

Best Method

The easiest way to find the correct service is to search for it. There is a search bar at the top-right of any page on Atlas. If you are having trouble with Coursebook, search for "Coursebook".

  • Often it will auto-complete your query before you finish typing. In the auto-complete menu, the entries with a compass icon are services, and those with a lightbulb icon are knowledge articles.
    • If it does not auto complete, do not worry, just press enter to see the complete list of results.

  • If you are trying to submit a ticket, stick with the compass entries. (Although browsing the knowledge base may help you solve your problem without needing a ticket!)

Search bar in Atlas Portal Home Page.

Alternate Method

If you cannot find your service via search or do not know exactly what you are looking for, the alternate way to find a service is by browsing through the service catalog. You can access the service catalog from any page on Atlas by clicking the Services link in the gray navigation bar at the top of the page.

Atlas Service Portal Home Page.

The service catalog is organized hierarchically, and clicking the Services link will take you to the top-level categories. To find the right service, browse through the categories that your request relates to. Let us see some examples:

  • Microsoft Word is giving me an error message
    • Category: Communication and Collaboration
      Subcategory: Email and Calendaring
    • Service: Microsoft Word
  • I would like to report a spam email
    • Category: Security and Access
      Subcategory: Email Security
    • Service: Spam or Phishing Email
  • My phone will not connect to CometNet
    • Category: Network Connectivity
      Subcategory: Campus Wireless Network
    • Service: CometNet Wi-Fi

If you cannot find exactly the right service, do not worry. Try your best to find the most relevant service possible and submit your ticket there. The technical team will handle reclassifying your ticket if we think it fits better somewhere else  this is something we do all the time.

Step 3

When you find the service you want to submit a ticket for, you will select the service offering that tells us what kind of ticket you are submitting. If the service is the noun that your ticket relates to, then the service offering is the corresponding verb.

All services have one or more service offerings, which are the big green buttons near the service description (except "Share" and "Add to Favorites," which are not service offerings).

Service Offering Menu.

Common Service Offerings

  • Report an Issue
    • Use this when something is broken or otherwise not working properly
    • For example, Galaxy is giving you an error message when you log in
  • General Request / Help
    • Use this when nothing is broken, but you have a question or need help using the service.
    • For example, you need assistance setting up a Microsoft Teams meeting

Some services will have additional service offerings for more specific issues and requests. Click the green button to pull up the ticket submission form for your desired service offering.

Note: Many services have a "Selected Resources" section with links to relevant knowledge articles. Make sure to check there in case we have an article that solves your issue!

Step 4

When selecting the service offering, you will be taken to the ticket submission form. Forms can vary significantly, but most forms will have at least the following fields:

  • Additional Contacts
    • As the person submitting the ticket, you will always be set as the "requestor" on the ticket and receive email notifications as the ticket gets worked on. If other people should also be included in ticket notifications and communications, add them as additional contacts. This is useful if, for example, you submit a ticket on behalf of someone else.
    • You can add someone as an additional contact using their name or Net ID.
  • Subject
    • Summarize your ticket in a short sentence.
  • Description
    • Please give us all the necessary information to solve your issue or fulfill your request. Be sure to be as detailed as possible.
  • Attachment
    • If you need to include an attachment with your ticket, you can do so here. For example, it is beneficial for us if you include a Word document or ZIP file with screenshots of your issue.

Other forms may additionally have a "Specific Details" section with more specific questions about the issue or request. Be sure to complete this section since it helps us reduce the amount of clarifying questions we have to ask.

Once you have filled out the ticket submission form, click the green Request/Submit/Submit Query button at the bottom. Congratulations! Your ticket has been submitted and automatically assigned to the appropriate team. We will work on the ticket and notify you via email if we have follow-up questions and when we resolve the ticket.

Note: Now that you have a ticket submitted, check out our knowledge article on managing and replying to Atlas tickets to learn how to interact with your tickets from within Atlas.



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