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Did you know you can do more than just submit tickets within Atlas? You can also view and interact with all your tickets, check their status, and even communicate back and forth with the people working on them. No emails required! This article is a guide on how to interact with tickets in Atlas once you have submitted them.

Video Training

Below is a recording of a live training OIT conducted on utilizing the Atlas service catalog and knowledge base. Click here to watch how to manage your Atlas tickets.

See Your Tickets

Atlas keeps track of all the tickets you create.

  • To access your tickets, whether it is currently open or already closed, you can find it by clicking Services  in the gray navigation bar at the top of the page and then select Ticket Requests.
  • If you haven't already, you will need to sign into Atlas in order to see this option. You can do so by clicking Sign In at the top-right of the page.
Note: On a mobile device, you can sign in and access these navigation links by clicking the Menu icon next to the words “Atlas Portal” at the top of the page.

  • Your Ticket Requests list will show you all your tickets including Ticket ID, Status and various other fields. Click on a [Ticket Title] to open the ticket.
    • If needed, you can add your name in the Search bar and adjust the filters (Status, ID, Reviewer, etc.) to narrow down your search.

Interacting With Tickets

If you open a ticket from your Ticket Requests list, you will see a more detailed overview of the information on the ticket.

  • Underneath the Ticket Title, you will see the Ticket ID and two buttons:
    • Withdraw
    •  Add a New Attachment 
  • Ticket Status is located to the right of the Ticket Title.
  • You can see the Ticket Requestor and Attachments along the right side (or at the bottom on a mobile device).
Note: You cannot edit a ticket’s details once you submit it. If you need to add or modify information on the ticket, send us a comment using the instructions in the next section.

Withdraw and Add attached buttons located top left of window. Requestor, Status and Attachments highlighted on the right side.

Communicating With Us

One of the best parts of Atlas is the ability to communicate directly with the team working on your ticket. This is accomplished through the ticket’s Feed, which you can find below the ticket’s description. When you first create a ticket, the Feed will be empty.

  • Tickets created through Atlas are automatically assigned to the correct internal team.
  • As with email, these tickets arrive in a queue and may not be noticed immediately. If you need urgent assistance, consider calling the relevant department instead.

Viewing Comments

When the team working on your ticket has an update for you, they will leave a comment on the ticket.  You will get an email notification to your UTD email letting you know a comment has been added. If you open your ticket in Atlas, you will see this message below:

Comment left in feed for example.

Replying to a Comment

  • Click the orange Comment button below the comment you want to reply to.
    • The person you are replying to will receive an email notification, as will any other individuals you chose to notify.
  • If you receive an email notification that a comment has been left on a ticket, you can also reply to the comment by replying to that email.

Sending Your Comment

To send your comment on your ticket, for example, to ask for a status update or send additional information:

  • Click the green Comment button at the top of the feed. Two fields will appear: Who to Notify and Enter your Comment.
  • To ensure everyone gets notified, click the People icon on the right side of the notify box.
    • This will populate the notify box with all the users associated with the ticket as well as the team working on it.
  • You can also send a comment by replying to the email notification you received when your ticket was created.

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