Consultation Process for the Room Reservation System (Robin)


This article will help you understand the Room Reservation System (Robin) and its activation process for departments.

What is it?

The Room Reservation System allows faculty, staff, and student employees to reserve a desk or office (sometimes called hoteling). Visit Robin Platform Overview for more details.

System Consultation

Departments are to request a consultation via an Atlas ticket to get started. An OIT employee will work with the department to ensure the system can be implemented smoothly. Overview of the system and expectations will be discussed during this process. Departments must provide and decide on the following:

  • What are your department goals?
  • Who should receive access?
    • Staff, Faculty, Student Employment Limited, Student Sponsor Limited, Student Semester Limited, Guest, Contract/Grant 
    • Department name(s) and number(s)
  • How many desks licenses (and NFC/QR tags) are needed?
    • Cost Center
  • Who will be your Department Robin Admins?
    • Full name(s) and email(s)


  • Departments are to cover the cost of desks/rooms used:
  • There is no cost for adding users or department layouts- cost is only for desk licenses. 
  • Changes and additions in desks/rooms are prorated to align licenses under the same renewal date.
  • Billing will be once a year with auto-renewal (Contact must email OIT before the renewal date to remove dept. from Robin)
Note: Any changes in the quantity of desks must be communicated to OIT via an Atlas ticket

Department Floor Plan

  • PDF floor plan of the office is needed to upload into the system.
  • Floor plan is sent to Robin contacts to be added. Process may take up to 2 weeks.
  • The system does not need your desk arrangement to be decided before the floor plan is uploaded. Walls, rooms, and outlines of the suite are only required to determine space. See examples below:

Department Robin Admins

  • Departments requesting Robin are responsible for their own desks and reservations.
  • Department must select at least two employees to be Robin Administrators. Robin Admins tasks include:
    • Delegate desks (assign, reserve, and manage desks for others)
    • View organization analytics
    • Manage office layout
  • Robin Admins can add and edit desks once desks are purchased.
  • Robin Admins will receive an email from Robin once they are added in the system.
    • Robin Admins must sign-in using their email and password to access administrative account. 
  • Visit KA 895 for Admin resources and information.
Note: Departments are responsible for their own floor plan. OIT will provide resources and assist as needed.

Department Implementation 

  • Departments are responsible for any furniture move or construction in the room reservation (hoteling) transformation.
    • Space hoteling ideas:
      • Desks/cubes
      • Open collaboration areas
      • Offices
  • Departments must communicate with their employees about the system once it is ready for implementation. An OIT employee will notify you once users are populated in Robin.
  • Users populated will not receive an email invitation from Robin. Users will have to use think link to log in using their UTD NetID and Password.
  • Visit KA 514 to learn how to install and user Robin.



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