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The Excel Live feature makes communicating and collaborating with audiences in real time more manageable. Participants can access workbooks via Teams Meetings. They can edit and update the workbook collectively while you are presenting the workbook via this feature. The information can also be explored independently by participants, who can sync with you later.

Note: This feature is only available in Public Preview and not in General Availability mode. Also, both the participants and the presenter should be in the Public Preview Mode to use the feature completely.


Enabling Public Preview

  1. Click on Settings on More icon just towards the left of your profile photo on Microsoft Teams.

  1. Click on About > Public Preview to enable the feature on your Microsoft Teams.

  1. You will get a message confirming your consent in switching to Public Preview. Click on Switch to public preview.

Using the Excel Live Feature

  1. In an ongoing Teams meeting, select Share and choose the file you want to present under the Excel Live (Preview) section.
    • If you do not see the file you want to present, click on Browse OneDrive or Browse my computer to locate the file from your OneDrive or local files.

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  1. You will get a prompt informing you that all the participants would be able to access the file you would be presenting.
  2. Click Share to give all participants access to edit the excel file.

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Highlights of the Feature

  • Participants can collaborate and work on an excel file together and see any changes made by other participants in real time.
  • Audiences can review the file at their own pace and sync with the presenter later once they are ready.
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