How to Do a Mail Merge in MS Word Using an Excel Spreadsheet


This article has instructions that can help you utilize an Excel spreadsheet to perform a mail merge in MS Word.


  • Create an Excel spreadsheet with information about the recipients, such as: names, addresses, emails and etc., as per your requirement.

Screenshot of the Excel Spreadsheet with the information to be added in mail merge

  • In a blank Microsoft Word document, click on the Mailings tab. In the Start Mail Merge group, select Start Mail Merge.

Screenshot highlighting "Start Mail Merge" icon

  • Click on Letters.

Image of the options under the Start Mail Merge highlighting "Letter"

  • Now select Select Recipients in the same Start Mail Merge group.

Image highlighting the Select Recipients icon.

  • Click on the Use an existing List option.

Screenshot highlighting the "Use an Existing List" option.

  • You can now select your Excel file and click Open. Then, select the target sheet and click Open.

Screenshot of the sheets in the selected excel file

  • You will now be able to insert the content at your convenience using the Write & Insert Fields group.

Screenshot of the "Write & Insert Fields" group

  • You can select the type of content that you would like to add from the options Address Block and Greeting Line.
  • After selecting Address Block or Greeting Line, using the Match Fields button you’ll have the option to match the columns in the spreadsheet with the items to be added.

Image of the "Greeting Line" settings after the select "Match Fields" highlighting the required fields,

  • To verify that the recipient details correctly appear in the letter, click on Preview Results in the Mailings tab, and then use the left and right arrows to switch between the recipients.

Image highlighting the "Preview Results" icon under the Mailings tab

  • After previewing your letter for each recipient and click on Finish and Merge under the Finish group and select the option as per your convenience.

Image highlighting the "Finish and Merge" with its options.




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