Recovering Microsoft Documents


This article shows how to recover a Microsoft document that was not saved.


If the AutoRecover option is turned on, you have two ways to recover documents depending on their status.

Saved File

If you have saved the file, but need a newer version that was not saved:

  1. On your document, select File > Info.
  2. Under Manage Document you will see any other available versions of the document that can be restored.

Info tab with drop down list of 3 options - 1. Protect Document, 2. Inspect Document, 3.Manage Document

  1. Select the version you would like to open and select Restore.

Screenshot of the version selection

Not Saved File

  1. Open the Microsoft program and navigate to the Open tab.
  1. Select Recover Unsaved Documents.

Image of Recover Unsaved Documents button

  1. File Explorer will open and show any available unsaved documents, select your document and select Save As.

Image of the Recover Unsaved File message


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