Refresh Outlook Settings by Creating a New Profile

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You can create a new Outlook profile to refresh the application without re-installing it. Keep in mind that all your folders, emails, and calendars are stored on our server, so Outlook will re-download them once you complete this procedure. You will not lose any data.

Create New Profile

  • Close Outlook and open Control Panel from your start menu.

Control Panel App selected in the Apps menu of the computer.

  • At the top right, search for Mail and open Mail (Microsoft Outlook 201X).
    • Depending on your system configuration, this may be named slightly differently. Try searching Email instead if you cannot find it.

Mail(Microsoft Outlook) tab search and selected in the Control Panel Window.

  • Click Show Profiles.

Mail setup outlook window with buttons to show profiles.

  • Click Add and type a new name for a New Profile from the drop-down as shown below.

Mail window with list of profiles set up on the computer and options to add, remove, see properties of and copy profile.

New Profile dialog box to add profile name.

  • An account settings box will pop up. Do not add the account here. Click Cancel instead.

Add Account box for auto account setup. Cancel button is selected in this box.

  • Click OK to finish adding the profile.

Dialog box prompting to click OK or Cancel to create a profile with no email accounts.

  • Change the drop-down to New Profile. Then click OK and close Control Panel.

Mail window with list of profiles set up on the computer. At the bottom there is a drop down to choose new profile when starting microsoft outlook.

Note: If you have problems with the new profile, you can come back here to delete it and switch back to the old profile.

 Re-Add Account

  • Reopen Outlook and click Connect.
    • Your UTD email address should be populated in the text box.

Outlook starting screen with connect button.

  • You may get this message as shown below. Click OK.

Box with the alert showing change in mail delivery location.

  • Uncheck the check box and click OK.

Outlook screen showing account successfully added. At the bottom there is a check box to set up outlook mobile on my phone, too.

  • At the bottom right of Outlook, you should see a progress bar indicating that Outlook is re-downloading your data from the server. Wait for this process to complete.

Progress bar indicating that Outlook is re-downloading your data from the server.

  • After this is finished, you will need to re-add any shared mailboxes you had. 


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