Q&A App in Teams


Teams now allow you to add Q&A to your Teams meetings and webinars. This new feature gives you yet another way to get more audience engagement. You can add Q&A at any time in a Teams meeting. The following instructions are for adding Q&A when creating a meeting and how Q&A works in Teams meetings.


  1. Use the Teams or Outlook calendar to create a meeting and add at least one other person.
Note: If you’re in Outlook, make this a Teams meeting by clicking the Teams Meeting button on the toolbar, then save your meeting.
  1. Once the meeting has been created, go into the team invite, select the Plus sign icon (+) button in your Teams meeting, and add Q&A.

Screenshot of the meeting details, highlighting "+" icon and "Q&A" icon

  1. When you add Q&A, you can choose the initial settings for your meeting. You can also change these settings during the meeting from the chat window.

Image of the Q&A app details

  1. Select Save to save your settings and return to the calendar event.

Screen of the teams meeting with the Q&A app integrated

  1. Now that the Q&A app has been added to the meeting, you send out your first comment or question.
    • In an un-moderated meeting, attendees’ questions will immediately appear in the Q&A feed.
  2. If you selected the Moderate attendee conversations option, you would see something like this:

Screenshot of the Moderation channel with Q&A app

  1. This view operates similar to how the Q&A works in a Team Live event.
    • When a question is asked during the meeting, it will go to the Review tab, where the organizer or presenter can either Publish the comment so everyone can see it or Dismiss it. Here is an easy way to know how this works:
      • In review- All new questions.
      • Published- Questions that attendees can see.
      • Dismissed- Attendees won’t see questions that have been reviewed but not published.