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This article contains information on Outlook’s most valuable features. You might miss these impressive features even though most people use the application daily. They can help you be more productive and avoid common errors at work. 

Note: This article refers to the Outlook desktop application. Steps may vary slightly if you are using Outlook in the browser or the new version of Outlook.

Attachment Reminders

How often have you missed attaching a file in an email and realized it only after you sent it?

While you can try recalling the email in such a situation, your recipient might have already opened the email, in which case recalling does not work! Outlook is here to save the day! If you have mentioned words like ‘attaching’ or ‘attached’ in the email, Outlook will throw an error message if it does not find a file attached to the email.

Image of the 'Appointment Reminder' message shown by Outlook.

New Message Alerts 

You might be anticipating an approval email from your superiors or information on a presentation due in the next hour. You have work to do and it doesn't include spending all day staring at your Outlook mail list, waiting for that email. Worry not; Outlook will display a desktop pop-up telling you about the email's arrival.

Note: You can also disable this feature if you do not wish to get a notification of an email arriving.


  1. Click on the File tab from the upper left corner.

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  1. Click on Options.

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  1. From the Outlook Options, select Mail. Within the Message arrival section, check/uncheck the Display a Desktop Alert check box.
    • You can also check/uncheck the other options in this section depending on your preferences for alerts.

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Note: You might not receive a Desktop Alert Notification if you use Message Rules and the new email is moved out of the default account inbox using those rules.

Multiple Outlook Windows (Outlook Web Version)

Multitasking is a must for most working professionals. You must have faced situations that needed you to manage multiple email chains simultaneously while checking your calendar for some focused time or your to-do list for clarity. You can open multiple windows of Outlook simple by using the right-click option, rather than clicking or selecting them.

Right-click on the Email chain and select Open in a new tab. You will then see a new window open, letting you be more productive!

@Mention Feature 

We usually send an email chain to many co workers even though we need a response from only a few of them. With the @mention feature in outlook, you can draw attention to the co worker you need a reply from. Instead of using other highlighting features like bold, italics and underline, you can @mention the person's name.

The person's name is highlighted automatically in the email. They also receive an email with the @ symbol, indicating their name is mentioned in the email.

Filtering Options

Finding an email when you urgently need it can seem like finding a needle in the haystack! But with Outlook’s filtering option, this task becomes easier! Click on the Search Bar, then click on Filter Email option to filter emails based on certain characteristics of the email. (ex: Has attachments, category, flagged for follow-up, etc.)

Additional Resources

You can visit the below links to get a more detailed idea of how to use some more important Outlook features:

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