Setting Up The Rules Feature in Outlook's Desktop Version

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Managing emails in Outlook can sometimes become a difficult task. Even if you have folders created, manually moving emails to different folders can become tedious. You can automate this and many more tasks by setting up ‘Rules’ within Outlook.


You can set up rules to automatically move emails sent by a particular contact/group or to a specific group you are a part of.

  1. Launch Outlook’s Desktop Version and locate the email you want to create a rule for.
  2. Right-click on the email and click on ‘Advanced actions > Create Rules.


  1. You can also click on the email and locate the Rules option in the Move group in the Home tab. Select the Create Rule option from the drop-down menu.


  1. A "Rule" setting option opens where you can add new rules or edit your existing roles.


  1. The Create Rule option will allow you to create a rule to move the emails from selected person to designated folder. 
    • By selecting More options you will be directed to Rule setting option.


  1. On selecting Add new rule option, you will get options to name your rule, set the condition and the action for the email. You can select what you want the rule to do from the options given.
    • You can add 2 actions to the same rule and add an exception by clicking on Add an exception option. Click Save once done.
    • Stop processing more now option ignores the subsequent rules, even if they apply to the message. Without this setting, every rule that applies to the message will run. Tick/Untick as per your need.
    • Run rule now will run the rules on all existing mails that fall under that condition. Tick/Untick as per your need.

  1. Once the rules are created, you can manage the created rules by using the Manage Rules & Alerts icon.
    • You can manage rules by clicking on Rules > Manage Rules.
  2. A list of all the rules created will be seen. You can decide the order in which the rules should be applied, Edit or Delete these rules depending on what you wish to change.


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