Research applications that assist in the management of research lab activities.

Services (8)


BioRAFT is used provide required training and provision access to research labs across campus.


Online platform used to submit and manage Internal Review Board (IRB) / Human Subjects Research protocols and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) / Animal Oversight Research protocols.


What Is It? Cintas is used by the Office of Research to manage and track the inventory of labcoat dispensers and return units across campus.


What Is It? Desigo manages Siemens Sensors and Logs for the Natural Science and Engineering Research Laboratory (NSERL) and Bioengineering and Sciences Building (BSB)


Inteum is used by the Office of Technology Commercialization to administer Intellectual Property on behalf of UT Dallas.

Lab Resources Scheduler

Lab Resources Scheduler is used to schedule shared resources.


Sensus provides management and monitoring functions for live animals cared for within the Lab Animal Research Facility.


Watchdog provides reporting of animal care and feeding within the Lab Animal Care Research Facility.