How to Use Microsoft Bookings for a Department / Group (Multiple Users Per Service)


This article explains how to navigate Microsoft Bookings when being used for a department/group. 


Microsoft Bookings allows users to select one individual from a listed individual group. Examples where this may be helpful:

  • Multiple advisers available for a given advising service
  • Multiple TAs available to help students in a course
  • Multiple staff who can provide a given service
Note: Bookings only allows you to book on one person’s calendar. Although it can be used to schedule for a department/group of users, it will still only book 1:1 meetings.


Getting Started

  • Log in to Bookings.
    • Bookings are only available for faculty and staff.
  • Create a new Bookings Calendar.
  • Visit the Staff tab in the left navigation of Bookings.
  • Click + Add new staff.

Screen to Add new staff to Bookings.

  • Bookings allows you to add both internal and external users to your calendar.
    • For internal UTD users, Bookings checks their Office 365 Calendar for availability. This feature is not available for external users.
  • In the "Add people" box, enter the name of the person you want to add, which searches the UTD Directory. 
  • Set the permission level for the user.
    • Bookings shares detailed information on what each option allows the user to do, as shown below.

Different options available for the user in Bookings.

Note: You can add non-licensed users (like students, TAs, etc.) to Bookings, and they will be granted "Guest" access since they are not licensed for the product.
  • Check the "Notify the staff member via email…," and "Events on Office calendar affect availability..." options as shown below.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Different options available for the user in Bookings.

  • The user will receive an email asking them to confirm if they want to be part of the Bookings calendar.
  • Select Accept and approve to confirm.

Screen to accept the invite to Bookings calendar.

  • Once approved, you can assign as many staff to a Bookings service as possible.
    • Find the Service you want to edit and check each staff member you wish to add.


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