Setting Up Group Appointments in Microsoft Bookings


Microsoft Bookings allows you to set up appointment slots that can be booked by more than one person, allowing individuals to sign up for individual training and consulting sessions, group advising sessions, etc.

Note: Bookings are only available for Faculty and Staff.


  • First, log in to Bookings.
  • Navigate to "Services" from the menu on the left side of your screen.

Option to add a new service.

  • Enter a service name as shown in the image below. Add an online meeting.
  • To allow multiple people to book the same service, change the “Maximum number of attendees per event” setting below.

Settings to allow multiple people to book the same service.

  • If you first set the maximum number of attendees to 1, it cannot be increased to more than one later.
    • If it is set to more than 1, it can be any other value (except 1).
  • You must recreate a service to change an event from multiple attendees to an individual.


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