Introduction to Bookings in MS Teams


This article contains information on how to access Bookings in Microsoft Teams, and it also covers the content on Schedule a booking in the Teams Bookings app.   

How to Access Bookings in MS Teams

  • Open Microsoft Teams.
  • Click on Apps icon on the left panel.

Image of the left panel of Teams highlighting the "Apps" icon.

  • In the search section on the left panel, you can now search for Bookings.

Screenshot of the Apps section highlighting the Search box

  • Click on the Bookings icon.

Image of the search results highlighting the "Bookings" application

  • You can now click on the Add button to add the Bookings application in Teams.

Screenshot of the Bookings application highlighting the "Add" button.

  • Click on Get Started to start accessing Bookings in Teams.

Image of Bookings application highlighting the "Get Started button"

Scheduling in Teams Bookings App

  • Go to your Bookings calendar by clicking on the Booking icon in the left panel.

Image of the left panel of Teams highlighting the "Bookings" icon.

  • Select the New Booking button in the upper panel.

Screenshot of bookings screen highlighting the  "New Bookings" icon.

  • Fill out the relevant information as per your requirement in the scheduling screen.

Screenshot of the scheduling screen.

  • You can also add optional reminders and different messages can be sent to attendees.

Screenshot of the Scheduling screen highlighting the optional remainders sections

  • Select Send in the upper right of the screen. 


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