How to Install Microsoft 365 Products on iPad

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This article provides instructions on how to install M365 products on an iPad. 


  • Navigate to the iPad App Store.
  • Enter Microsoft 365 in the search bar as shown below.

Screenshot of the App Store highlighting the "office 365" in search box

  • Select View on the M365 mobile apps bundle.
  • Click on Get to complete your bundle.

Image of the Microsoft 365 mobile application on App store highlighting the "Get" icon

  • Enter your Apple account Password or use your Touch ID to start downloading the apps.

Image of the pop-up to install the Microsoft 365 mobile

  • You can find the installed Office products on your Home Screen.

Image of the Home Screen highlighting the Microsoft365 icon.

  • From the Microsoft 365 bundle, open Outlook, and sign in using UTD email and password.
    • UTD currently holds Microsoft 365 Subscription for all faculty, staff, and students.
    • The Microsoft Office Suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many other applications.
  • Next, open the Microsoft Office Suite and sign in to your UTD account if required. 
  • Similarly, if necessary, log in to OneDrive and OneNote to use for schoolwork. 
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