Considerations/Limitations for Microsoft 365 Shared Mailboxes

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How do Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) shared mailboxes differ from the previous Legacy Exchange shared mailboxes?

Considerations/Limitations for Microsoft 365 Shared Mailboxes

  • When sending emails from Outlook, the default from address (your UTD account) will always be the account sending the email even if you are selected on the shared mailboxes inbox. However, if you are replying to emails from the shared mail’s inbox, it will automatically use the shared email. To send new mail from the shared mailbox, you must select the shared email address from the drop-down when composing the message.
  • When sending from a shared mailbox, a copy of the sent message will be stored in your mailbox Sent Items and the Sent Items of the shared mailbox. This cannot be changed.
  • When composing an email on Outlook for Windows, you cannot set a default signature for the shared mailbox.
    • If you have multiple signatures in Outlook for Windows, you can right-click the signature displayed to switch quickly.
  • When adding a shared mailbox to the Outlook app, you will not receive notifications for the shared mailbox. This cannot be changed, but you can work around this by right-clicking the folders you need notifications from and selecting Show in Favorites.
  • Adding a Shared Mailbox on the mobile app will enable push notifications. This can be disabled in the Outlook Mobile app settings in the “Notifications” area.


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Shared Mailboxes or System Mailboxes are mailboxes critical to department business processes and are often use to facilitate department and/or mass communication.  Shared Mailboxes are accessed by multiple users at the same time.