Sharing a Video in Stream (On SharePoint)


These instructions apply only to videos recorded in a non-Channel Meeting. Channel meetings are stored in the Files tab of the Channel they were recorded in. This only applies to Stream (on SharePoint) - also sometimes called New Stream. You can review more information on the difference here.

Video Tutorial


If a person or group who was not part of the meeting needs to view the recording in Stream, the permissions will first have to be changed by a video owner. You can always share the link to the video, but if the permissions are not set for the people with the link, they will still not be able to access it. To change permissions, do the following:

  1. Go to your OneDrive and find the folder that says Recordings.

This image shows a screenshot of where the user can get the recordings icon on one drive

  1. Find the video that you want to share. Right click the video and select Share Option.

This image shows the options the user gets when they right click on any video they want to share

  1. Once the Share window appears, you can type in the name of the person or group of people that you want to send it to.
  • If they need edit access, click the pencil with the line through it, click Can edit.

This image shows the section where the email id of the receiver needs to be entered          

Note: By default, the share window will generate a link that will give anyone that has access to the link in UTD view only rights. If you need to only allow specific people to be able to access the video, change the share type to specific people and then list out the users or groups. Be sure that all users are in the To box before sending or generating a link.
  1. Once everything is to your liking, click Send and the person or group will get and email saying that they now have access to the file.

  • If you would prefer to only send the link, use the copy link option. 


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