New Stream Start Page (in Office)


Note: For a video version of the basics of the New Stream Start Page, follow the link - New Stream Start Page in Office.

How to Access the New Stream Home Page (On SharePoint)

  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to the left side menu and select Apps icon.
  3. Click on Stream.

Screenshot of  Stream on SharePoint Homepage

Understanding the New Layout

With this refresh, the layout brings out new features as well as a better way to access Stream! Here is a brief summary of the new sections as labeled in the screenshot below:

  1. Upload: The upload button assists you in uploading any local files from your computer to your Stream storage. 
  2. Screen Recording: You can record a 15-minute video a screen share, and then upload it to your stream account. From there you can select who to share the video with, export it, or you can just practice recording!
  3. Camera Recording: This is similar to the Screen recording, but with this feature you can actually record yourself! You can record up to 15 minutes and then upload it to your stream account. From there you can select who to share the video with, export it, or just pactice recording yourself!
  4. Playlist: This feature will take you to Microsoft Lists where you can group your videos together. You can add or remove videos from each of these lists as you wish. You may also create names for each of these playlists and add them to any of your Teams groups!
  5. Filter by keyboard: This field allows you to search for any video available in your account. You can search using the Title, Tag, or Description.
  6. Gallery: This area has all the files that are available on your account. The gallery will also be the space where all of your Teams recordings get uploaded as well as the ability to filter and sort through your files!


Note: For the complete video on some of the new enhancements to Stream, follow the link - New Features and Enhancements to Microsoft Stream | Stream (Classic) to Stream (Sharepoint).
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