Recording a Video Using Microsoft Stream (On SharePoint)


This article contains information on Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint) and instructions on recording a video using Stream (on SharePoint).

Note: For a video version explaining how to record a video using Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint), visit Recording a Video Using Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint).

What Is Stream (On SharePoint)?

Stream (on SharePoint) is an intelligent enterprise video experience that is part of Microsoft 365. It empowers you to record, upload, discover, share, and manage video just as you would any other file. Video is like any other document. It seamlessly integrates with apps across Microsoft 365, so you get the same experience no matter where you add or engage with video content.

Major Updates in Microsoft Stream (On SharePoint)

With the new Microsoft Stream, any videos saved on your OneDrive or SharePoint would be visible on the Stream (On SharePoint) homepage. You can also search for videos if you know with what name they are saved on your OneDrive/SharePoint.

This image shows the automatic filters users can use to find a video on Stream (On SharePoint)

You will be able to see all videos i.e., all the videos saved by and shared with you by clicking on the ‘All’ icon. Those videos you recently opened, if any, will be readily available under ‘Recently Opened’ tab. Only the videos shared with you would be visible under the ‘Shared’ icon. This means that the videos under ‘Shared’ will not be visible in your OneDrive unless you download and save it there. Any video marked as your favourites will be visible under ‘Favourites’.

Note: If you are facing issues locating a certain video on the Stream (on SharePoint) homepage, open the video once from OneDrive (web version). Once you open it, you should be able to see the video on the homepage.


You can launch the Stream (on SharePoint) application from the app launcher if you already have a working online M365 account.

  1. Login to the Microsoft Office Homepage and click on the App Launcher on the top left corner of the homepage.
  2. Select Stream from the apps listed.

This image highlights where users can find the App Launcher and the Stream Application

This image shows an alternative way to locate 'Stream' application by navigating to the 'Apps' widget.

Note: In case you do not see the application there, click on the highlighted Apps option and you should be able to see Stream there.
  1. Once you have the Stream (on SharePoint) homepage open, click on the New Recording icon on the top left of the page.

This image shows where users can find the 'New Recording' icon on the Stream (On SharePoint) homepage

  1. Once you click on New Recording, a new tab will open up where you would be able to record yourself and your screen for the video.

  • You can change any settings you want by selecting from options that allow you to add a backdrop, add effects and do much more!

This image shows the various settings options users have at their disposal for recording a video

  1. Once you are done with your recording, you can click on the 'Next' Icon towards the bottom right of the screen or choose to retake the video by clicking Retake on the bottom left of the screen.

This image depicts where users can find the 'Retake' and 'Next' option post recording a video

  1. On clicking Next, you will be able to view the recording. Again, at this point, Stream lets you decide if you want to Retake the video or Publish it.

This image depicts where users can find the 'Retake' and 'Publish' option post recording a video

Note: After recording the video, you can also trim the beginning and end of the video recorded.
  1. The video will get saved in the Recordings folder on OneDrive automatically. While the video is getting uploaded, you can also download it to your local machine.

This image shows where users can click to download the video onto their local machines

  1. Once the video is uploaded, you can share the video by clicking on the Share option on the top right of the page.

[11:50] Kamte, Harshita Gopal This image shows where users can navigate to 'Share' the video to their audiences

Note: Stream allows users to record videos of up to 15 minutes. A timer on top of the recording screen will keep you posted about the time elapsed.

For the complete video on some of the new enhancements to Stream, visti New Features and Enhancements to Microsoft Stream | Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint) - YouTube



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