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This article provides instructions to upload a video in the Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint).
This article contains information on Microsoft Stream (On SharePoint) and instructions on recording a video using Stream (On SharePoint).
This article will go over all the exciting new changes that have been added to the Stream (on SharePoint) home page.
This article contains information on Transcriptions in Stream (on SharePoint) and instructions on how users can view/manage captions and transcripts of a video.
This Article Contains Information on How Users Can Download and Delete Videos on Stream Classic. Microsoft Stream (Classic) Is an Enterprise Video Service for Microsoft 365. Stream Classic Is Now Being Replaced by a New Solution, Stream (On Sharepoint). Stream (On Sharepoint) Is an Intelligent Enterprise Video Experience That Is a Part of Microsoft 365.
This article contains details on sharing videos from Stream (On SharePoint) to Microsoft Teams.
This article has instructions that can help you record a meeting or a group call in Teams.
This article provides the steps that can be taken to move your videos from Stream (on SharePoint) to Teams.
Microsoft has announced a new vision for Microsoft Stream that empowers users to create, share, discover, and manage video just as they would any other file in Office 365. This new vision comes with a few changes that, in the end, will improve the overall user experience when it comes to video.
Stream (on SharePoint) has many amazing features built into it- one of those features is analytics for video and sites. Which allows you to track video views, traffic to your video site, and much more.
These instructions apply only to videos recorded in a non-Channel Meeting.
This article contains FAQs regarding Stream migration.
This article walks users through the steps needed to edit the video information on Stream (on SharePoint).
This article provides instructions to generate captions and transcripts for a video in Stream (on SharePoint). Microsoft allows video owners to generate transcript and caption files for videos spoken in 28 different languages and locales.
Teams has just come out with a brand-new feature that allows you to stream your Teams meetings to a third-party site like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. This can all be done through the Custom streaming app.