Includes services such as email, calendaring, productivity suites, file sharing, instant messaging tools, and web-based collaborative platforms used strictly for collaboration.

Services (10)

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is an application used to access email, calendar, and contacts. Email service at UT Dallas is provided by Microsoft Office 365, and is sometimes called “Exchange Online” email. Office 365 email is protected by Duo & modern authentication.

Room Reservation System (Robin)

The Room Reservation System allows faculty, staff, and student employees to reserve a desk or office (sometimes called hoteling). This system is only available for departments who have setup workspaces with OIT.

Department Shared/System Email

Shared Mailboxes or System Mailboxes are mailboxes critical to department business processes and are often use to facilitate department and/or mass communication.  Shared Mailboxes are accessed by multiple users at the same time.

Individual UTD Email

Email at UT Dallas is provided by Microsoft Office 365 and is sometimes called “Exchange Online” email. Office 365 email is protected by Duo & modern authentication.

Exchange Distribution List

Exchange distribution lists allow for a single email address to reach multiple individuals.

Exchange Public Folder

Public Folders are a legacy part of Microsoft Exchange at UTD. Many older "shared mailboxes" are actually mail-enabled public folders, and must be accessed through the "Folders" section of Outlook.

Shared Calendar

Shared Calendars in Exchange Online allow multiple users to schedule a resource (like a conference room). For non-resource calendars, using a Shared Mailbox (with attached calendar) is recommended.

Spam or Phishing Email

UT Dallas uses Microsoft Office 365’s Exchange Online Protection (EOP) to scan and quarantine suspected spam, phishing, and malicious messages before they reach your inbox.

Sympa Mailing List

Sympa is a mailing list system that is designed to contact small or large groups of internal or external email addresses. Sympa is the supported system for bulk email, meaning any message is destined for more than 500 recipients. OIT still encourages departments sending mass communications to follow the Office of Communications Mass Email Process.

Customized Email Routing

UT Dallas uses Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for email routing as well as spam filtering. Some limited customizations to email routing rules are available.