These services include telephony such as, voice/VoIP, teleconferencing, and web conferencing hosted either in cloud or on-premises.

Services (8)

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful team-based collaboration tool that provides group chat, channeled conversations, instant messaging, live document collaboration, audio or video calls, and meetings (from one-on-ones to fully-featured audio/video conferences).

Microsoft Teams Voice - Individual

Teams Voice, part of Microsoft Teams, is a replacement to the traditional VOIP phone system in use on the UTD Campus. Teams Voice gives users the flexibility to be mobile and access calling functionality from mobile devices. computers and the web.

Microsoft Teams Voice - Common Area Phones

Common area phones are Teams Voice desk phones that not attached to an individual. Common area phones are used in shared spaces and at front desks in some UTD Departments.

Microsoft Teams Voice - Call Queues

Call queues provide a method of routing callers to departments, and groups within UTD. Call queues are utilized for main lines as well as lines that need to be accessible from multiple locations. Queues have customizable business hours, greeting options, followed by routing or call menus where callers can chose sub areas or options that provide them with additional information. Numerous options are available for customizing the queue to a departments needs and preferences.

Microsoft Teams Voice - Conference Rooms

Teams enabled conference rooms are equipped with specialized conferencing equipment that can handle traditional voice communication as available options for video conferencing.

Headsets, Desk Phones, and Conferencing Hardware

Teams certified equipment can be ordered though our UTD Contracted Vendor in eProcurement. Available options include wired and wireless headset options, several desk phone models for varied application as well as conferencing hardware.

Campus Fax Lines

Campus Fax Lines allow departments to connect a Fax machine to a UTD phone number, enabling them to send and receive faxes.

Zoom Accounts

Zoom is a video conferencing service. OIT does not offer Zoom as a service to the University. OIT facilitates getting departments access to Zoom for Education if there are business needs that are not met by Teams or Collaborate.