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Best Practices to Keep Email Storage Low

UTD email accounts offer 99 GB of storage space for personal accounts and 50 GB for shared mailboxes. There are several methods to help keep your email storage low. This article covers checking storage space and best practices to minimize the storage space used in your UTD email account.

Save Email Attachments to Clear Storage Space

Attachments in emails often take up far more storage space than the email message themselves. To clear up storage space, you can save email attachments to a location outside of Outlook, such as OneDrive or SharePoint, before removing the file from Outlook. This will give you more space in your Outlook storage without losing the attached contents.

Deleting Emails From the Deleted Items Folder in Outlook

If you find that your mailbox is a little low on storage space and you need to find a quick fix. Deleting emails from the deleted items folder is a great place to start, as deleted emails do take up storage space while in your deleted folder. Here are the steps to clear out this folder.

How to Delete Emails in Your Junk Folder in Outlook

If you find that you need to free up some space in your Outlook inbox, try deleting emails in your Junk email folder. Junk emails count towards your total storage space while in your junk mail folder.

Manage Your Sent Items Folder

If you find that you are running low on storage in your email. One of the best ways to free up space is to get a handle of the number of emails that are in your sent items folder. Sent items do count to your storage space while in your sent messages folder. Here are just a few ways to better manage your sent items folder.