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Extended Email Access for International Students (OPT)

This article provides information on extended email access for international student on OPT (Optional Practical Training).

NetID Account Access

What access is granted to NetID accounts and how it changes.

Reset Your NetID Password / Set Up Account

The NetID Self-Service Portal allows users to set or reset their password for their NetID account without the need to contact the OIT Helpdesk.


This article provides information and contacts regarding locating your UTD-ID.

UTD Account Access Removal Policy

Official Policy on UTD NetID Account Access Removal.

Access to User Data Procedures

This article outlines the types of investigations and the appropriate authority to sign off on each.

Adding Access for Users (AD Group Requests)

This article has information on the process of submitting an eCAT to add a user to an Active Directory group.

Changing Your Display Name

This article provides information on who to contact for a change in your name (legal and preferred name).

FERPA Confidentiality Privacy Flag

This article has instructions for changing your FERPA Confidentiality setting.

How Do NetID Service Levels Work and When Does Access Change?

This article explains the different service levels and when changes are implemented.

NetID Login Issues and Account Lockouts

This article provides instructions to troubleshoot the NetID login issues for current users.

Non-Traditional Student Accounts Procedures

This article provides information about non-traditional students and their access to UTD technical resources.

Update Guest User Personal Email

This article details the steps required for a guest user to update their personal email address on file.