Adding an Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox in Outlook (iOS /Android)


This article shows how to add an M365 shared mailbox in Outlook for iOS or Android. 

Adding Shared Mailbox 

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Tap your profile in the top left.

Outlook profile on mobile device

  1. Tap the mailbox icon with the plus under the accounts you already have to add a new mailbox.

Mailbox icon with plus sign

  1. Select Add Shared Mailbox.

Screen with 3 options -1.Add email account, 2.Add shared mailbox,3.Create new account

  1. Enter the name of the shared mailbox in this format and select Add Shared Mailbox.

Mobile device screen for adding shared mailbox


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Shared Mailboxes or System Mailboxes are mailboxes critical to department business processes and are often use to facilitate department and/or mass communication.  Shared Mailboxes are accessed by multiple users at the same time.